global warmingGlobal Warming

The organisers who have been members of the Association since its creation in 1994 are all volunteers.
Global Warming is a non-profit association whose goal is to promote young artists.
Global Warming leans towards eclecticism.
To break the barriers between different forms of artistic expression; to unite the many different types of art in one venue, such as dance, theatre, music, painting which represent the main objectives of the Association Global Warming.

Global Warming brings together more than 300 volunteers during the Festival and over 15 permanent staff work throughout the year on Métiss’age and look out for new French and international talent.
All the participants, artists, technicians and organisers are volunteers. All proceedings made during the event go to Global Warming for the organisation of future festivals.

Métiss’age needs your support… Volunteer help, even if short-term is welcome. Global Warming thanks you for your support and participation.

How to support Métiss’age?

To support us in our demanding and passionate activities, you have the possibility to become a Métiss’age member. As a member, you will receive firsthand information about all year-round Métiss’age programmes and activities…

The yearly member fee starts from 18 euros (simple member), to 25 euros (member couple) or more (benefactor member). You can send a cheque to association Global Warming (non-profit organisation, not subject to VAT) to the following address:

Global Warming
13 rue des Récollets
F- 75010 Paris

Don’t forget to enclose a slip of paper with your name, address, e-mail…
Thank you.

You also have the possibility to join the Métiss’age team to work as a volunteer at different events. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to support and help us. Thank you.

If you are a company and would like to support Métiss’age, please consult our page “partners”.

Association team

Fiona Coe, president
Allison Coe, vice president
Sarolta Blanar, general coordination
Gregory Dumont, treasurer
Marion Schnauffer, general secretary
Nina Neelson, NGO’s coordination
Fabrice Cozette, stage manager
Sébastien Joly, electronic coordination
Franck Nakache, video
Virginie Friedman, press
Victoria Godfrey, assistant
Gilles Vidal, video design
Nathan and Lucie Leigh Coe Chirossel, childhood design
Eurydice, Ludivine Roques, technical production
Christopher Evans, Franck Desplats, Hervé Manrique, graphic designers
Stéphanie Boisset, web site, coordinating information
Marine Ochin, Métiss’age “bien-être”
+ all of our Chou Chous…! THANK YOU!