fire festival / 2008

On the 13th and 14th of July 2008, the first edition of the Fire Festival 18#1 was born!
Global Warming specially created “A New Firemen’s Bal” offering a brand new Artistic Direction and organisation at the Château Landon Fire Station on the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris. “Goodbye” to the “Traditional Bal” and “Hello” to the new Fire Festival! Innovative and generous, to fit the “so bobo branché” trend setting Parisian way.

In order to pay tribute to the honourable vocation of Paris’ firemen & lifesavers, the inspiration for our artistic direction was to unite the 4 elements of life: water, air, fire and earth.
A promise is a promise; the canal, air with the outdoor Festival, water running through the canal, fire represented by the fireworks show and finally, earth expressed by the street painting.

On the canal Saint Martin, which is an exceptional setting, the residents of the 10th district of Paris experienced their National Holiday, as they never had before. Two amazing and unforgettable days of festivities where everyone had a memorable time and experience.

Angel in Parisdise

“Angel in Parisdise” was born in Paris at the famous club “Les Bains Douches” in 2003. For the occasion, this mythical club was transformed into heavens doors!
A night for every season, where earthly spirits meet the heavenly spirits in a dreamlike setting and ambiance of paradise house.
Ever since, our Angels have wings and have started a little world tour! Angel VIPs fly from city to city from Paris to London, Geneva, Marrakech, Agadir and soon to Miami and Bali.

angel-bains angel-geneve angel-point-fmr

métiss’age Nite

Parallel to it’s festival, Métiss’age would like to create encounters and promote artistic exchanges all year round. For this reason “Métiss’age Nites” are organised regularly. These theme nights are pluri-disciplinary, where live shows encounter exhibitions…

Since 1995, Metiss’age Nites have been very successful! Initially these multicultural monthly party evenings started in the Viaduc of Arts in Paris, alongside the renowned furniture designer Cyrille Varet. Then after the first year and 12 editions, the walls needed to be pushed, owing to the great turnouts, Métiss’age Nites headed to the trendy bars Andy Wahloo followed by the Point Ephémère.

In 2011, with the support of the European Commission, Métiss’age Nite crossed the Channel to London with our UK partner Noise of Art and took place at the Village Underground, one of London’s most respected venues.

The numerous “Nites” have always created rich artistic exchanges fusing many artistic disciplines to “Rock your Life”.