Métiss’age Festival has no other ambition but to become the symbol of a generation that believes in the fundamental values of Mankind.

Fiona Coe 1994

Why Métiss’age?

portrait de métiss'age, Olivier Casse

Olivier Casse, Portrait of Métiss’age, 1994

Because providing pleasure, gives pleasure… our era is at a crossroads, in the fusion of cultures… the most simple and fundamental values, such as sharing an exchange and tolerance are essential in life.
For all these reasons and many more, since 1994 we have chosen to elaborate a creative and contemporary project.
The sole ambition of Métiss’Age festival is to be, in the medium term, the symbol of a generation who believes in the fundamental values of mankind.
Métiss’Age festival is a festive gathering – a weekend with artists of different worlds & disciplines, with the objective to share adaptability and openness with the public.

Métiss’age, an event in favour of good causes

Metiss’age festivals favour awareness and support for various associations and ecological causes.
Métiss’age wishes to make a commitment to honour NGO’s work linked to our federative theme of the festival: “LIFE!” – “LA VIE !”
Métiss’age has also been congratulated by the United Nations and UNESCO for our positive initiatives.

The Village Métiss’age – A humanitarian platform

“The Village Métiss’age” is a solidarity forum, a mark of inspiration for a better world. Celebrate and share compassion for human values and pay tribute to the work provided by the associations. A selection of NGO’s/associations is set up as a platform for communication. The festival enables them to communicate their work programmes and encourage discussions amongst the public and the organisations present.
An awareness and comprehension pole for the world. The awareness and communication platform works towards globalisation of equality. It is vital to understand the daily actions of these NGO’s/associations and to share them with the public.

In the past

In 2011, for the 8th edition of Métiss’age Festival in Paris at Parc de la Villette a selection of associations were invited to our “Métiss’age Village”.

In London, Métiss’age “Life in the City” collaborated with Trees for Cities in Battersea Park. The objective of the charity is to make urban areas greener. Via the Métiss’age event and a tree-athalon, 900 trees were planted in the London area.

In 2000, Métiss’age chose Autremonde Association as a partner.
Autremonde is a humanitarian association based in Paris.
Autremonde is a young association whose aim is to help us understand the growth of a forever developing population without means, as well as the urgency for humanitarian aid for these people.